For nearly a century, Aprotech has been supplying engineered solutions and services for commercial and industrial markets

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Aprotech’s award-winning innovative culture flows through all of our designs, processes, and systems

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Aprotech focuses on identifying goals and driving organizations to reach those objectives

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Customer Alignment

From large, established, Fortune-500 companies to small, agile start-ups, Aprotech strives to engage customers at multiple points in the organization

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Aprotech Group, headquartered in Michigan strategically aligns customers, suppliers, and team members for operational excellence. Aprotech’s manufacturing platform designs and produces world-class crankshaft dampers, NVH products, machined components, and mechanical assemblies. Aprotech’s consulting expertise enhances revenue growth, operating margins, and asset efficiency.


Aprotech Powertrain LLC, based in Asheville, North Carolina, is a world leader in developing and manufacturing elastomeric crankshaft dampers, noise vibration harshness (NVH) products, machined components, and mechanical assemblies.

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Aprotech Incorporated, based in Detroit, Michigan focuses on value creation for a company’s shareholders, concentrating in revenue growth, enhanced operating margin, and improved asset efficiency.

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