Crankshaft Dampers

Crankshaft dampers attach to the front end of engine crankshafts to minimize torsional inputs into the crankshaft. All engines need them, but they are more critical on larger engines. Highly damped elastomer is used to dissipate energy across the entire frequency range. The damper natural frequency is tuned to minimize crankshaft torsional deflections.

Aprotech’s Damper Expertise

Aprotech uses torsional modeling to optimize the damper natural frequency for all sorts of engine applications. This tuning maximizes the energy dissipation, thus providing a cost-effective design. Furthermore, Aprotech has developed proprietary elastomer formulations that provide superior temperature resistance, damping, and durability compared to other damper elastomers. Our robust assembly and bonding processes provide a highly durable and reliable damping solution.

VAMAX Elastomer

VAMAX takes on the temperature challenges of today’s modern engine head on. Today’s engines have increased power, added emissions equipment, and reduced fresh air flow, driving temperatures above the established limits of conventional dampers. VAMAX’s significantly higher temperature limit allows freedom of design, as it eliminates the application compromises required for traditional elastomer and viscous dampers.

Need an optimized damper solution?

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