Aprotech Powertrain Launches VAMAX Elastomer for Extreme Engine Temperatures

Asheville, NC – Historically, damper elastomer compounds have been challenged by increasing temperatures in the engine compartment. Recent engine changes (increased power, added emissions equipment and reduced fresh airflow) have resulted in temperatures exceeding the 200 F degree limit of conventional elastomer and viscous dampers. To meet the challenge, Aprotech began an intensive development and validation program for much higher damper temperatures. Aprotech achieved their goal with the improved damping, durability and temperature capabilities of our VAMAX elastomer compounds.

Matthew Nichols of Aprotech Group said, “Aprotech emphasizes innovation and team work to meet market conditions. At Aprotech, out-of-the-box thinking is a deliberate practice both on the products we design and the processes by which they are manufactured. This is demonstrated by the numerous patents held by our technical team members.”

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